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More Events More Products

More Events More Products

We’ve got more events, more products for you to love and a new vendor and a new Etsy page to get travel sized bottles of our spray products! Yes, it’s a busy fall here at Beaux Magique!

We’re back at The 9th Vibration on September 27th! We’d Love to see you! Be sure to get there early! I’m bringing limited supplies of products! Get it while it lasts!

The 9th Vibration - Products Events

497 Unit 6 Woolwich St., Guelph, ON N1H3X9
(519) 265-9099 –

Please welcome Dolly’s Tarot Corner to the Beaux Magique family! You’ll find our FULL LINE of sprays and powders on her shelves. Get them while you can! Watch the pages for new events at this location!

Dolly's Tarot Corner - For Products Events

1019 Nelson St, Unit 10, Oshawa, ON L1H 7N9
Phone 905-743-9482 or text 905-242-5849

Shop on Etsy from the comfort of our page! That’s right! You can buy our Dusting Powders, Anointing Oils and travel sizes of Charged Waters right here!
Etsy Beaux Magique Travel sized products

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Even Scents Expire

ExpirationEven Scents Expire – Beaux Magique

Did you know that fragrant sprays and perfume can expire? It’s true! Keep all your yummy smelling items out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures and in a cool dark place. Guess what? The bathroom is not the ideal place! Why? The heat from your shower or bath water can raise the temperature in that tiny room and damage your fragrances. Thinking the fridge? Nope! WAY too cold! The chill from the fridge can cause just as much damage as the heat.

If you do find those old bottles of perfume or oils? Check the date! When did you buy it? Do you remember when you got it? If it’s been over a two years? Be very careful! Even the best perfumes and even ours can break down over time. Still want to use the fragrance? Do a skin test and wait twenty four hours. Watch for skin reactions.

Want to ditch the old bottles? Here’s what you can do: If you can get the top off, dilute the contents with denatured alcohol. This will thin the mixture and make it easier to dispose of. Can’t get the top off? Drop it off with me!

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