Reverend Terrie Brookins

Beaux Magique was founded and is run by Reverend Terrie Brookins. Using artesian well water gathered under the full moon, these charged waters are truly blessed! With the light of the full moon to give extra energy in their work, each spray has been specially designed with a magical and mundane purpose to help in your life! Since 2013, she’s worked diligently to bring you old and new incense alternatives, condition and anointing oils as well as fine made magic. Using old and new recipes, public suggestions and super secret sources to spread her own brand of magic to everyone.

Reverend Terrie Brookins

She enjoys singing, djembe drumming, and teaching Witchcraft and Tarot. She is a Witch and Priestess. Terrie is also a twenty  year Tarot veteran and Provincially Registered Lay Chaplain available for weddings. She is available for workshops, community and private ceremonies as well as  handfastings, Baby Blessings, Weddings and Funerals. Please contact her at info @

For weddings Contact: All Seasons Weddings


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