Fire Magick Safety Measures Part 1

Fire Magick Safety Measures Part 1

When I teach my “Candle Magick Class,” we go over the first two rules.

  1. Fire Safety
  2. This is where I look around, make sure the room is 18+, and get REAL QUIET and say: “I’m f*cking serious. Do NOT burn down your house.”

This is usually met with titters of laughter and grins. It takes a few to get the class back under some semblance of control. Then they realize I’m serious.


Just like I told them? I’m telling you, dear reader. There is NO spell work outcome that is worth losing life, limb, loved ones, people, pets, and all the things in your home. Please be advised that the only thing on this world that is fire safe is FIRE. ANYTHING will melt, crack, warp, or burn with improper handling – INCLUDING YOU.  Now I know the InterWebs is a wild place. You can find spells for free just about everywhere. I’m looking at you Witchcraft Tumblr. Doesn’t mean that they will work for you! So? Let’s look at some safety measures for Fire magic:


The Basics

If you are doing anything regular, or even one off, please keep your candles in proper fire safe containers. These are candle holders MADE for that particular type of candle. I mean, sure you can burn a candle on anything. However, you want to explain to your housemates why there is candle wax on the good linens? That’s on you!

Please be advised that the only thing on this world that is fire safe is FIRE. ANYTHING will melt, crack, warp, or burn with improper handling or poorly made candles! If anything catches on fire, do not reach for water! That may spread the flame. You want to grab baking soda, sand, or cat litter.

You heard me. KITTY LITTER.


Always keep your candle and holder on a clay or metal plate. This will stop a small flame from getting out of control or slow down a big one so you can get a handle on it. Again; experience. If you are worried about the flames in larger ceremonies, you can get yourself a small extinguisher from your hardware store.  They are handy small, can be tucked away, or be in easy reach.


Keep your hair, clothing, and skin away from flame. I’m looking at ya’ll with long sleeves, long hair, and the “I know what I’m doing” attitude. Keep all the OTHER flammable items away from the flames. (Trust. I’m looking at myself and my crowded altar. And? I supposedly know what I’m doing.) And ya’ll? If you find a spell that says you need to wear the candle on your head or anywhere on your body? Please ask a PRO first! And? Ask me about the time I nearly set myself on fire. TWICE.

Here’s what to look for in a candle: Even or flat surface on top and bottom.  A centered wick on top and bottom.  Check the wick! Zinc Core or tin wicks are ones with flammable material on the outside and metal on the inside.  They are in MANY candles and sometimes can be your only option. These particular once are troublesome for me for these reasons: The metal can heat the core of the candle and cause a faster burn; with a faster burn, if your surface is uneven, the wick can move. If that flame gets too close to the edge of a glass container, KABOOM; and lastly, I’m not keen on breathing metal*.

If you can’t get away from them, burn them in a well ventilated area!   No matter the type of candle you are burning, make sure you have a proper holder.   No holder? You can place the candle in a container of sand or kitty litter. (IMMA KEEP SAYING IT)

If you have to leave it burning? Don’t. Ok ok Fine. The seven day candles are a thing. WHEW. While not advisable, take the previous instructions into consideration. Put the candle in a tray or bucket of sand or kitty litter. Put the whole show into a metal sink. Sink not an option? Try a larger metal tub. Then THAT goes into the shower stall or bathtub. Turn on the bathroom fan if you have one. THEN light em up!


First AID

If you are burned by the flame, please follow ALL FIRST AID PROCEDURES. (LINK :

If need be? Call a responsible adult , that is not yourself, to care for the wound.  SERIOUSLY! A burn of any type or severity is a show stopper. YOUR MAGIC CAN WAIT. SEE RULE TWO!!

*Remember when we talked about breathing metal? Yeah. Not good right? Let’s talk about candle smells by themselves.


Wax and Scents

Not all candle wax, wicks, or scents are made equal. Yeah, we know. Here’s the thing: When a coloured candle burns? You’re breathing the dye. SURPRISE! Yeah. Just use white candles. Ok ok. So let’s say you NEED a gold candle. Check them wicks and the wax. Not all candles are coloured all the way through. Some are what we call “candy coated.” It’s just dipped in a coating that gives it colour. Yummy right? (barf). SO you still want a gold candle? Then follow the rules: burn safely in WELL ventilated area to ensure you aren’t padding your lungs with the gunk.

The scents are a thing too. Most commercial scented candles are artificially scented. That’s not always a bad thing. Perfumes come in many grades. Some are awful. (I’m looking at you Big Box Pink Stores.) Some are amazing. And yet, each of us people have different reactions to scents, even essential oils. It is IMPERATIVE that you know yourself and your body. I can handle most candles – unless it’s lavender. Why? I’m allergic to lavender. Some will say “oh you’re just over exposed! The fake lavender is fine!”

People? Know why we have fire drills? So in the event of a REAL fire? You smell smoke and start moving to safety. Me? Lavender means throat closing not fun time. Fake or not? I’m out! Know your body and self.


Not all wax is the same either. Soy Wax? Palm Wax? Beeswax? Paraffin? So many! And yes, I hear you! You, you loving individuals who know that every all those waxes save for beeswax are not good for the planet! Here’s the thing: as long as we have machines that run on gas and diesel? As long as the planet is using oil?  We’re gonna have “bad waxes.”  SO use what you got and do your best!  Ascertain if the candle and its ingredient s will work for you. And of course, if the candles smell weird, don’t use it.

Until Next Time!

Rev. Terrie