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It was bound to happen…..

It was bound to happen….

It was bound to happen – eventually. There I was, happily opening a new bottle of essential oil. I stuck my nose close to the dripolater and inhaled. I also didn’t quite get the cap off right. I twisted the top off the tamper seal and SPLAT! I got a spray of straight essentials inside my nose. Not good.

PSA: The inside of your nose is VERY sensitive! The membranes inside your nose are the main passageway for the air you breathe. They are also loaded with blood vessels. What does that mean? Getting oil in your nose deposits it directly into your blood stream – faster than ingesting or inhaling. Even a drop of something considered safe, like lavender, could have a detrimental effect on your health. Excessive use of lavender essential oil, even blended with other oils, can cause vomiting, constipation, nausea, or headaches. Now imagine that in a sharp rush. Not good!

So there I am, dripping essential oil from my nose and annoyed. I had to gently dab away the excess, use my first aid training, and send out a call for help. Since it wasn’t much oil, I was safe to stay home – provided I take precautions. Yes, the dreaded saline solution – right in the nozzle. BLECH.


For your own usage, I recommend that you keep all the oils I make away from your eyes, mouth and the inside of your nose. I also suggest that any oil of any kind stay on the OUTSIDE of your body unless directed by your doctor or nurse. To be clear, I’m really serious. Don’t put any oils in your nose, eyes or mouth unless your doctor or nurse says so – not your nutritionist, essential oil sales representative, aromatherapist, mom or best friend.

Every body is different. Everyone will have a different reaction to essential oils and blends. If you find that you’re having a reaction, please call or go to your nearest healthcare facility.

Stay safe!

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