How it all began…

How it all began…. It started with full moon, an artesian well.. and a little bit of Magique! Really it did!

How it all began: a full moon, an artesian well, and a little bit of Magique

Once upon a time, I had gathered some artesian spring water under the full moon, determined to make some magic with the liquid. Not long afterward, I got sick. For a few weeks, no doctor could find out what was wrong. Finally I’d had enough!

I took that wonderful water, a selection of essential oils known for their magical and mundane healing properties and made the Charged Water Spray now known as S’elever.

I changed my sheets, sprayed my bed and went back to sleep. Two days later I was right as rain! I thought it was a fluke… However a few ailing friends tried my spray as well. They too saw that they got better MUCH faster than normal. I just can’t question the magic!