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Starting Over

Yooo! It’s the priestess you need coming from the new lab in our new digs in Huntsville. For those just joining the show in progress, let’s catch you up!

Who is The Priestess You Need? I’m The Fire Queen, The Crone of Soul, The Hidden Valley Witch, Rev Terrie Brookins. I’m a Second Degree Priestess in the Correllian Tradition, I’m a Wedding Officiant the Province of Ontario… and a whole lot more!

SO here’s the thing. We moved, right? Right! We left our old digs in the ‘Shwa (Oshawa). We made the trek North! (No, NOT that far north! LOL!) We settled down in Magical Muskoka, as I said, right in Huntsville.


Wellll in our excitement for the new place? The Lab got significantly smaller. Even right now? We’re still trying to unpack and rework the area. What does that mean?

Ummmm ooops? Yup, that means we gotta do the homework, and start over.

(insert exactly what you think I would say because you are 1000000% right. WHEW)

The lab and The Altar (aka The Danger Zone or “This is a threat!” Area), have to be separate. There is indeed a smaller separate room (not far away!) for the altar area. The other oopsie? All the old altar stuff? It. Don’t. Fit.

GRRRRR. So, say it with me I have to…. “DO THE HOMEWORK!”

So we’re starting over. We’re starting from scratch. Why is this a big deal?

I thought about how BIG the old altar was… and how much magick I use on a daily basis… and then how I charge up the Beaux Magique Products… Then? There is the magic I do for ya’ll! So many success candles! And Other candles… (wink wink nudge nudge) You do know the world is a little bit… well… more candles… YEP!

(This was just the top!)

Then? I though about that smaller room with way too many candles and the smoke alarm that’s RIGHT there by the door. And I thought about how long it took me to get it just right last time…

(insert exactly what you think I would say because you are 1000000% right.).
Yeah the old set up? It won’t work. (deep heavy sigh) So here we are.

I reached out to a carpenter and designer.
They reached back.

(One, touching one……. Reaching out, touching me, touching yooooouuuuu!!!)

So Creations by Rae and us came up on with ideas. Then there were discussions. There was laughter. There were tears. There were several words said about the state of the current world. Yup. We said those words. (See I need that Altar). Then there was the plan!


Then there were discussions. There was laughter. There were tears. The tears this time? Ummmm For what I need? It’s gonna cost. Beaux Magique is still ramping up. (Indigo Aroma? Umm. Put that down. Don’t look at that.)

This fundraiser is to design, purchase and install a new altar in my sacred space. To rework the space will cost $5000. The space it will go in.

Can I skip it? Ahaha… short answer no.
There are a host of personalities with VERY specific wants and needs and, I am working the whole team… it’s what I need to bring the work to you. I need to DO the work not just prep the work so…

SO against my stubborn “I can do it” self I am letting the miracles flow in and giving my community the chance to support the altar that I use for them.


I will be running this campaign through February and March to get the work done in March so at the end of April, I can Beltane the crap out of everyone!

If you want to help?  Thank you.  You can order from the website (ignore the “backordered tags lol). You can also Bless my Ko-fi account here or even donate straight to PayPal. But mostly thanks for going on this crazy ride with me.

TLDR: I moved to somewhere soul healing and the space where I do amazing work for all y’all (the seat of my Magick, my Altar) needs some carpentry to also be amazing. Help me out so I can continue to get shit done.

Thanks again!