FULL Moon Candle Service


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Full Moon Candle Service



Greeting Friends And Frenemies! Let’s talk about candles services! One of the many roles in  Priestesshood is to facilitate the magic getting to YOU a bit faster. Once of the ways we do this is in not just divination but in actual magic rituals. Here’s where the candles come in!

We alllll know about moon work. We have full moon work for PUNCHING through blocks.

So hey! Let’s break our future free together!!!  Here’s what you do:

1. Purchase this listing: THERE ARE ONLY TWO

2. In the notes list the ONE seed you would like planted for your future. What do you want to grow for yourself? What do you want to see nourished and flourishing? What can you actually take care of? WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO WORK ON?

Here’s what get: Seed Service New Moon:

  1. A votive candle dressed in Beaux Magique oils , Lit and placed on the altar
  2. I will monitor the candle and email back updates
  3. Once the candle is finished burning I will divine any residue left and add to the final report – THIS MAY TAKE HOURS or DAYS!
  4. I will email back a final report with a SINGLE card reading that will give insight to the work ahead of you?

Sound good? AWESOME:

THE Mini Altar is OPEN!


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