Kaleidoscope Gathering 2017

2017-08-02 - 2017-08-07 All day
Raven's Knoll
Address: 10441 Hwy 60, Eganville, ON, K2G 2E7, Eganville, Ontario K0J 1T0

Kaleidoscope Gathering 2017

The theme for Kaleidoscope Gathering 2017 is “Treasures.” There is much wisdom and wonder to be found in pondering the meaning of ‘treasures’ in our varied spiritual traditions.

The archeological finds that unlock the wisdom and the glory of a Heroic Age; the glittering gold of Troy, Tutankhamen, or Sutton Hoo; the paintings of the Lascaux Caves or Petroglyphs Park. Sometimes too treasures are accompanied by a curse, a warning not to disturb the graves and rest of the ancients.

Seeking unity with the Divine can be seen as seeking treasure; from the Philosopher’s Stone, to the Rosy Cross, to Nirvana, to alchemical gold, to the Grail. Gaining a treasure can be the result of a quest, of effort and learning (or maybe it was there all along.)

Treasures can be very personal; from the sticks and stones picked up by children in play, to lockets and watches handed down from grandparents, to named mathoms held aloft as swords or horns in battle or revelry.

Dragons sit upon hoards of treasure. They teach of the darkness of not sharing, of gifts and wealth that do not circulate to benefit the community and the gods. Wars and conflict are fueled by the avarice that treasures raise in the hearts of humanity.

The best treasures are often more than things. They can be cherished memories, the flesh and bone of our loved ones, the smiles we ensure are on the faces of future generations.

Offerings and sacrifices are treasures offered up to spirits and gods, as encouragement and thanks for the cycles of luck and beneficence.

And, ‘treasures’ will result in much fun, too; as we ask ourselves: ‘What’s another word for pirate treasure?’ … How shiny and sparkly can you make your camp? … What is the coolest gift can you send through Mercury Mail? … Who collects more treasure, Vikings or Pirates? …

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