Équilibre~ Spiritual Cologne


Équilibre~ Spiritual Cologne

By Request! Energetic healings can be difficult once we leave our practitioners. Often we struggle as unfamiliar energetic changes become the new normal. This spray assists in Full Integration of Spirit & Guide Work from those healings. To use, shake well and spray in healing rooms or over Crown Chakra after Reiki, or Shamanic Healings. (Curio)


Équilibre~ Spiritual Cologne

Using artesian well water gathered under the full moon, these charged waters are truly blessed! With the light of the full moon to give extra energy in their work, each specially designed spray has a magical and mundane purpose to help in your life!

By Request! Made with our new and unique Sweetgrass and White Sage Tinctures, this balancing spray is a perfect alternative to burning White Sage and or Sweetgrass for smudging purposes.  To use, shake well and spray in healing rooms or over Crown Chakra before and or after meditation for purification and energy cleansing. (Curio)

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