St. Catharines Voodoo and Witchcraft Fair

St. Catharines Voodoo and Witchcraft Fair

Come and enjoy St. Catharines first ever Voodoo and Witchcraft Fair at the WAREHOUSE CONCERT HALL on Sunday June 24th!

A unique day with exotic vendors specializing in spiritual supplies and curios

Integral diviners including tarot card and intuitive readers

Lectures and hands on workshops

Interactive voodoo ceremony on the Feast day of St. John the Baptist.

Featuring a close out concert by the globally acclaimed, award winning tribal music of Niagara’s own Dragon Ritual Drummers!

Advance tickets $10.00, $13.00 at the door. Includes all day entry and Dragon Ritual Drummer concert
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Welcome 2018

Welcome 2018

WOW! This year has started off with a bang! While some of you may have missed our first event in Brantford, never fear! We’re making the rounds! We’re also slowly debuting new product and our pure aromatherapy sister line, Indigo Aroma.  Want us to visit your town? Just send us a message and we’ll do our best!

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Mind, Body and Spirit Expo in Greenbank

Mind, Body and Spirit Expo in Greenbank

Greenbank Community Hall
19965 Hwy 12
5 Minutes north of Port Perry
Psychic Readings, Healings, Astrology Reading, Homemade Natural Beauty and Home Products, Spiritual products such as Crystals, Books, Cards, Incense, Jewellery etc.

Season End 2017

Season End 2017

Holy moly… WE MADE IT!  With December upon us, it’s time for us to hang up travel bags and settle down for a long winter’s nap. We’ll be “closed” from December 8, 2017 to January 6, 2018. We’ve been to TWENTY EVENTS this year alone and we’re beat! That doesn’t include the classes!  No fretting now! There’s good news!


Throughout the year, we were pretty sneaky! We made a bunch of new things and just sent them out into the world.  Wellllllllll……We’ve got the reports back and we’re ready to bring you some new stuff in the new year!

  • Small Batch Hand Poured Artisan & Conjure Soaps – Looking for discreet Magique? Here it is! Wash that condition right out of your life!
  • Small Batch Conjure Incense – These are made with carbon neutral incense sticks that are oppression free! After the three day making & blessing process, we’re happy to bring you a few varieties. Be careful! A little goes a long way!
  • New Oils & Sprays – we have a few new oils, sprays as well!
  • Washes & Tinctures – So excited! Once word got out about these, I have barely been able to keep up!


With all the good news, there comes some that’s not so good. As the Beaux Magique line of products has more than doubled, we’re forced to retire some of our products. This means that we won’t carry them to every show. However, they will stay on our website for purchase. Don’t worry!  We *never* throw away a recipe!

Oh yes, there’s more!

We’ve got Pop Up Shops in Toronto planned as 2018 opens! Be sure to sign up for the Beaux Magique  spam free newsletter, find us on FacebookGoogle Plus,  PinterestTumblr,  InstagramYouTube or follow us on Twitter for all the info!

Back to the Lab

Back to the Lab

As the summer draws to a close (MAYBE!), Beaux Magique is back to the lab.  Over the past few months, we’ve had a LOT Of custom requests for products – which we love! Most of them however, didn’t have a deposit put down for them – which we don’t love 🙁  What does this mean if you wanted something custom made? You’ll have to wait for it. Plain and simple.

Yes, we really really do want to make that custom oil or spray. Please keep in mind that it takes time, research, and above all, a LOT of magic work to make that item for a deity or spirit that we don’t normally work with on a frequent basis.   If it’s a simple item? It could take trial and error to get the item made right. Often the components are not on hand or easily obtained. Those three things alone take time, supplies and ultimately money.

To be clear – we are going to make that custom item you want! A deposit for the item will put you at the top of the queue. No deposit? Your item will get worked on after the paid orders, restocking for events and when we have the resources.

In the meantime? We’re getting ready for Ottawa Pagan Pride Day and getting back to making the magique!

15th Annual PPD Hamilton Harvestfest

15th Annual PPD Hamilton Harvestfest

Its our 15th annual PPD Hamiton Harvestfest. Entertainment, Workshops and vendors. Located at the Bandshell in Gage Park.

This years entertainment lineup includes: The Dragon Ritual Drummers; Elysium Tribal Dance Troupe; Natalie Blueraven Rubyhill and the Blueraven Drummers, Myke Hutchings; Troup Obskurah and Stacie Noël. We will have a Women’s ritual led again this year by Nemeton. We are planning a 15th anniversary Ritual and many great workshops which i will be posting over the next few days! Our food vendor this year will be Memphis BBQ who will be serving up from 830 – 430. They will have a vegetarian option for lunch meals for those that chose.

London Pagan Pride Day

London Pagan Pride Day

Come celebrate the harvest with us in the Forest City!

In 2017 we will be celebrating the eighth annual London Pagan Pride Day & Pagan Community Harvest Gathering!

This year, we will be presenting something a bit different; informal chats about various Pagan paths that will allow folk to meet like-minded Pagans and discuss matters of importance to them. We will also have the ever-popular Warrior Games in honour of Lugh and Tailtu, the incredible music of Raven Black, and a drum circle led by local drummer extraordinnaire Nelson Ing.

Please remember to bring a donation of non-perishable food items for the London Food Bank.

Durham Pagan Pride Day

Durham Pagan Pride Day

All are welcome to join us for the 14th annual Durham Pagan Pride Day and celebrate what it means to be Pagan. Please be aware that this event is Media friendly.

Pagan Pride Day is a chance for Pagans to network and find information about local businesses and artisans, Pagan meetups, common interest groups, religious groups and open events. It is an family-friendly educational event, where the general public is welcome to learn more about our diverse Pagan community and our beliefs and practices.

Attendees are encouraged to participate in the workshops, and chat with the local artisans and craftspeople displaying their wares throughout the day. All are welcome to join together to worship in ritual. Respectful observers are also welcomed to participate in the day, witness the rite and ask questions. Guests are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item or household good for the food drive benefiting a local charity, along with a pot-luck item to share and appropriate items for spending the day outdoors.

Our event is family friendly, and a great opportunity to bring a picnic lunch and spend a day in the park playing games, attending rituals, making music, networking with fellow Pagans and celebrating the harvest with the Durham Pagan community and those who just want to learn more.

Schedule for the day to be determined, please check back often for more information. Hope to see you all there! We are accepting Vendors at this time.

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Kaleidoscope Gathering 2017

Kaleidoscope Gathering 2017

The theme for Kaleidoscope Gathering 2017 is “Treasures.” There is much wisdom and wonder to be found in pondering the meaning of ‘treasures’ in our varied spiritual traditions.

The archeological finds that unlock the wisdom and the glory of a Heroic Age; the glittering gold of Troy, Tutankhamen, or Sutton Hoo; the paintings of the Lascaux Caves or Petroglyphs Park. Sometimes too treasures are accompanied by a curse, a warning not to disturb the graves and rest of the ancients.

Seeking unity with the Divine can be seen as seeking treasure; from the Philosopher’s Stone, to the Rosy Cross, to Nirvana, to alchemical gold, to the Grail. Gaining a treasure can be the result of a quest, of effort and learning (or maybe it was there all along.)

Treasures can be very personal; from the sticks and stones picked up by children in play, to lockets and watches handed down from grandparents, to named mathoms held aloft as swords or horns in battle or revelry.

Dragons sit upon hoards of treasure. They teach of the darkness of not sharing, of gifts and wealth that do not circulate to benefit the community and the gods. Wars and conflict are fueled by the avarice that treasures raise in the hearts of humanity.

The best treasures are often more than things. They can be cherished memories, the flesh and bone of our loved ones, the smiles we ensure are on the faces of future generations.

Offerings and sacrifices are treasures offered up to spirits and gods, as encouragement and thanks for the cycles of luck and beneficence.

And, ‘treasures’ will result in much fun, too; as we ask ourselves: ‘What’s another word for pirate treasure?’ … How shiny and sparkly can you make your camp? … What is the coolest gift can you send through Mercury Mail? … Who collects more treasure, Vikings or Pirates? …